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Axpert-i-Sine Active Front-end Converter (AFC) is an intelligent device, which reduces the harmonics and improves the power factor of utility side. Axpert-i-Sine is the best solution for the applications which requires dynamic braking. It helps to save energy by feeding the excess energy back to the grid.

Axpert-i-Sine AFC can be used with AC drive(s) for the mitigation of harmonic. It can be used for multiple drives also.

some of the unique features of Axpert-i-Sine Active Front-end Converter are as under.
Very Fast Response
  • The response of AFC is very fast due to its 32-bit, Floating point Digital Signal Processor based control
Low current THD at input side
  • Helps to comply with IEEE 519-2014 requirements
  • The control algorithm dynamically changes the switching frequency, which keep input current THD less than 5% at rated load condition.
  • They reduce total Harmonic distortion (THD), improve the power factor and facilitates compliance to IEEE 519-2014 standard.
Selectable Power Factor at input side
  • User can select the input power factor from 0.95 lead to 0.95 lag.
Bi-directional Power Flow for regenerative braking
  • No need of dynamic braking resistor
  • Due to capability of Bi-directional power flow, excessive energy of DC bus can be feed back to the utility supply
Built-In Energy Meter
  • AFC has inbuilt energy meter functions like energy import, energy export and energy total - Efficiency better than 98%

Operates with closed loop control for best accuracy

Total 80-Character, 4-Line LCD panel with backlit

Modbus-RTU Connectivity for Networking

Advanced programmable digital I/O interface
  • Improves power quality by reducing harmonics and improving power factor.
  • Reduction in heating of power cables, electronics systems due to less current harmonics at input side.
  • Elimination of nuisance tripping in circuit breakers due to reduction in harmonics.
  • Energy saving by feeding excessive power of DC bus to supply grid.
  • Operational reliability and high availability.
  • User-friendly operation.
  • Instantaneous dynamic response.
Block diagram

Low Input current Harmonics and improved Power Factor
The Axpert-i-Sine Active Front-end Converter actively controls the input current THD and power factor regardless of motor speed and percentage of rated load. Even if supply voltage distortion is 5% the supply side performance is good. The performace of Axpert-i-Sine is less affected by supply voltage harmonic distortion.
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