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1. Why PWM Converter?
  To have unity power factor and reduce harmonic content at supply side of the AC drive. If load is regenerative as in case of centrifugal lift, Triton drive, paper industry, wire - winding then one can use PWM converter or active front-end converter at the input of inverter to make a four-quadrant drive.
2. What are the main benefits of PWM Converter?
  It improves the power factor up to unity and also helps to reduce the harmonic level.
3. Is it possible to have Bi-directional Power Flow for regenerative braking?
  Yes, it is possible to have Bi-directional Power Flow for regenerative braking with PWM Converter (4-Q Operation)
4. Is it possible to meet IEEE 519-2014 limitation with PWM Converters?
  Yes, it is possible. It helps to comply with IEEE 519-2014.
5. What are the other benefits of PWM converter apart from improving power factor and reducing harmonic level?
  Reduction in heating of power cables, electronic system and energy saving by feeding excessive power of DC bus to supply grid.
6. Can it be used with multiple drives?
  Yes, it can be used for multiple drives.
7. Why grid interactive inverter?
  Grid interactive inverters like solar inverters are required to feed energy generated from renewable energy sources.
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