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About Us
Amtech, a leading manufacturer of technology products in the field of motor control, automation, power quality and industrial electronics solutions, aims to meet future customer expectations. Amtech's innovative approach to R&D, coupled with dedicated customer service and support, has ranked Amtech as a leader in the power quality solution provider. The company's ongoing efforts include successful implementation of innovative and comprehensive power quality and harmonic analysis as well as Power Quality Solutions like Active Harmonic Filter, Active Front-end Converter that span the industrial, commercial, and utility sectors.

Amtech is manufacturing power quality improvement product line like active front-end converter. VFD helps you to save power coming from regenerative load. Regenerative invertors are required in paper plants, coil-winding applications and centrifuge equipment. Amtech started as a solution provider in motor control with AC Drive being the core product. Later Automation became an essential part of the motor control solutions. Amtech has always been driven by an innovative and responsible mindset to provide quality products with emerging technology in the field of power electronics to the industry it was evolving in. Amtech focused on the power quality issues and came out with the state-of-the-art technology products like Active Harmonic Filters and Active Front-end Converter apart from other solutions. At Amtech, Power Electronics always remained core area of research and development. Amtech works closely with its customer for the power electronics product development and for solutions like wind power converter, solar inverter, Regulated High Voltage Power Supplies and so on....

The company is ISO 9001: 2015 certified and the products comply with International safety, environmental and electro-magnetic standards such as CE and UL (as applicable). Equipment and systems are shipped and commissioned on-site only after undergoing stringent in-house 100% testing.


Protecting your power equipments against the poor power quality is one of the big issues right now. There are many choices of equipment and manufacturers. How do you know which is best suitable for you?

The most expensive solution is not always the right solution for the problem. Correct identification of the power problems and company’s needs should be addressed to reach to the optimum solution.

This is the area where Amtech can help you. Our qualified power quality auditor will not only identify power quality issues within your company, but will also help you to assess your specific needs. The auditor can then put together a recommendation that meets your needs without unnecessary expenses.

We proudly offer products and services that include Harmonic Mitigation Products like,
  • Active Harmonic Filter (AHF)
  • Inverters with Active Front-end Converter
  • Power Quality Studies, Audits and Consultation

Let us help you protect your facility, productivity and profitability. Contact us to learn more or to arrange a professional consultation.
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